The Launchpad to Freedom

Earlier today we stealth launched the FREE token to the community based around the ideals of a free society, and victory over inhumane lockdowns. As we stated in our launch article we are committed to a FREE society both within and without the crypto industry.

$FREE is about financial and physical freedom from lockdowns. To that end, our magnificent supporters have put together presale allocations of some of the best tokens launching on Ethereum and BSC platforms for holders of $FREE to support our push towards freedom from lockdowns!

To make this a reality and change all of our lives for the better, we will now introduce FREEPad, which is the future of Launchpad finance. That’s right, holding $FREE automatically gets you lottery tickets for presale allocations

The way FREEPad works is simple. We get access to different tiers of projects, with very difficult-to-get allocations with life-changing expected returns. It just so happens that our team is very well connected.

Holders will get tickets in the following tiers for holding $FREE during certain snapshots, as follows:

It is important to load up on $FREE in order to secure your position. We will release another article in a few days with specifics about access to our first launchpad project. We will be announcing random draws coming up so stay tuned to our announcement channel!

We are blown away by the support that we are getting from crypto communities who want to help the cause, and we have been getting thousands of inquiries from other projects that want to donate their time and presale allocations to our members.

Stay tuned for more info!


Liquidity Lockup and Burn:

Half Tokens Burned to Vitalik: